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    B72220S2251K101 B72220S2271K101 B72210S2131K101 B72214S2131K101 B72207S2131K101 B72220S2131K101 B72220S2141K101 B72220S2

Part No. B72220S2251K101 B72220S2271K101 B72210S2131K101 B72214S2131K101 B72207S2131K101 B72220S2131K101 B72220S2141K101 B72220S2151K101 B72220S2171K101 B72220S2211K101 B72220S2231K101 B72220S2301K101 B72220S2321K101 B72220S2381K101 B72220S2421K101 B72220S2461K101 B72220S2511K101 SIOV-S05K130E2 SIOV-S05K140E2 S20K510E2 B72205S2131K101 B72205S2141K101 B72205S2151K101 B72205S2171K101 B72205S2211K101 B72205S2231K101 B72205S2251K101 B72205S2271K101 B72205S2301K101 B72207S2141K101 B72207S2151K101 B72207S2171K101 B72207S2211K101 B72207S2231K101 B72207S2251K101 B72207S2271K101 B72207S2321K101 B72210S2141K101 B72210S2151K101 B72210S2171K101 B72210S2211K101 B72210S2231K101 B72210S2251K101 B72210S2271K101 B72210S2301K101 B72210S2321K101 B72210S2381K101 B72210S2421K101 B72210S2461K101 B72210S2511K101 B72214S2141K101 B72214S2151K101 B72214S2171K101 B72214S2211K101 B72214S2231K101 B72214S2251K101 B72214S2271K101 B72214S2301K101 B72214S2321K101 B72214S2381K101 B72214S2421K101 B72214S2461K101 B72214S2511K101 S05K130E2 S05K140E2 S05K150E2 S05K175E2 S05K210E2 S05K230E2 S05K250E2 S05K275E2 S05K300E2 S07K130E2 S07K140E2 S07K150E2 S07K175E2 S07K210E2 S07K230E2 S07K250E2 S07K275E2 S07K300E2 S07K320E2 S10K130E2
Description Leaded Varistors

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Part No. S07K30 B72210S0110K101 B72210S0111K101 B72210S0131K101 B72210S0140K101 B72210S0141K101 B72210S0151K101 B72210S0170K101 B72210S0171K101 B72214S0102K101 B72214S0110K101 B72214S0111K101 B72214S0131K101 B72214S0140K101 B72214S0141K101 B72214S0151K101 B72214S0170K101 B72214S0171K101 B72214S0200K101 B72214S0231K101 B72207S0110K101 B72207S0111K101 B72207S0131K101 B72207S0140K101 B72207S0141K101 B72207S0151K101 B72207S0170K101 B72207S0171K101 B72207S0200K101 B72207S0231K101 B72220S0102K101 B72220S0110K101 B72220S0111K101 B72220S0131K101 B72220S0140K101 B72220S0141K101 B72220S0151K101 B72220S0170K101 B72220S0171K101 B72220S0200K101 B72220S0231K101 B72220S0250K101 B72220S0251K101 B72220S0271K101 B72220S0300K101 B72220S0301K101 B72220S0321K101 B72220S0350K101 B72220S0381K101 B72220S0400K101 B72220S0421K101 B72220S0441K101 B72220S0461K101 B72220S0500K101 B72220S0511K101 B72220S0551K101 B72220S0600K101 B72220S0621K101 B72220S0681K101 B72220S0750K101 B72210S0271K101 SIOV-S05K11 SIOV-S05K14 S20K95 B72205S0110K101 B72205S0111K101 B72205S0131K101 B72205S0140K101 B72205S0141K101 B72205S0151K101 B72205S0170K101 B72205S0171K101 B72205S0200K101 B72205S0231K101 B72205S0250K101 B72205S0251K101 B72205S027
Description Leaded Varistors

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    B72210S0110K151 B72210S0110K412 B72210S0110K551 B72210S0111K151 B72210S0111K412 B72210S0111K551 B72210S0131K151 B72210S0

Part No. B72210S0110K151 B72210S0110K412 B72210S0110K551 B72210S0111K151 B72210S0111K412 B72210S0111K551 B72210S0131K151 B72210S0131K412 B72210S0131K551 B72210S0140K151 B72210S0140K412 B72210S0140K551 B72210S0141K151 B72210S0141K412 B72210S0141K551 B72210S0151K151 B72210S0151K412 B72210S0151K551 B72210S0170K151 B72210S0170K412 B72210S0170K551 B72210S0171K151 B72214S0110K151 B72214S0110K551 B72214S0111K151 B72214S0111K551 B72214S0131K151 B72214S0131K551 B72214S0140K151 B72214S0140K551 B72214S0141K151 B72214S0141K551 B72214S0151K151 B72214S0151K551 B72214S0170K151 B72214S0170K551 B72214S0171K151 B72214S0171K551 B72214S0200K151 B72214S0200K551 B72214S0231K151 B72207S0110K111 B72207S0110K211 B72207S0111K111 B72207S0111K211 B72207S0131K111 B72207S0131K211 B72207S0140K111 B72207S0140K211 B72207S0141K111 B72207S0141K211 B72207S0151K111 B72207S0151K211 B72207S0170K111 B72207S0170K211 B72207S0171K111 B72207S0171K211 B72207S0200K111 B72207S0200K211 B72207S0231K111 B72207S0231K311 SIOV-S05K115G SIOV-S05K115GS2 SIOV-S05K11G SIOV-S05K11GS2 SIOV-S05K130G SIOV-S05K130GS2 SIOVS007S95AGS2 B72205S0110K111 B72205S0110K211 B72205S0111K111 B72205S0111K211 B72205S0131K111 B72205S0131K211 B72205S0140K111 B72205S0
Description    Leaded Varistors Taping

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For 07K300 Found Datasheets File :: 3+       Page :: | <1> |   

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Maker: BB
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    50: $46.15
  100: $43.85
1000: $41.54


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