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    IDT74FC2240AT IDT74FC2240CT IDT74FC2240T IDT74FC240AT IDT74FC240CT IDT74FC240DT IDT74FC240T IDT742240ATD IDT742240ATDB I

Integrated Device Technolog...
IDT[Integrated Device Technology]
Integrated Device Technology, Inc.
Integrated Device Techn...
Part No. IDT74FC2240AT IDT74FC2240CT IDT74FC2240T IDT74FC240AT IDT74FC240CT IDT74FC240DT IDT74FC240T IDT742240ATD IDT742240ATDB IDT742240ATE IDT742240ATEB IDT742240ATL IDT742240ATLB IDT742240ATP IDT742240ATPB IDT742240ATPY IDT742240ATPYB IDT742240ATQ IDT742240ATQB IDT742240ATSO IDT742240ATSOB IDT742240BTD IDT742240BTDB IDT742240BTE IDT742240BTEB IDT742240BTL IDT742240BTLB IDT742240BTP IDT742240BTPB IDT742240BTPY IDT742240BTPYB IDT742240BTQ IDT742240BTQB IDT742240BTSO IDT742240BTSOB IDT742240CTD IDT742240CTDB IDT742240CTE IDT742240CTEB IDT742240CTL IDT742240CTLB IDT742240CTP IDT742240CTPB IDT742240CTPY IDT742240CTPYB IDT742240CTQ IDT742240CTQB IDT742240CTSO IDT742240CTSOB IDT742240DTD IDT742240DTDB IDT742240DTE IDT742240DTEB IDT742240DTL IDT742240DTLB IDT742240DTP IDT742240DTPB IDT742240DTPY IDT742240DTPYB IDT742240DTQ IDT742240DTQB IDT742240DTSO IDT742240DTSOB IDT742240TD IDT742240TDB IDT742240TE IDT742240TEB IDT742240TL IDT742240TLB IDT742240TP IDT742240TPB IDT742240TPY IDT742240TPYB IDT742240TQ IDT742240TQB IDT742240TSO IDT742240TSOB IDT742244ATD IDT742244ATDB IDT742244ATE IDT742244ATEB IDT742244ATL IDT742244ATLB IDT742244ATP IDT742244ATPB IDT742244ATPY IDT742244ATPYB IDT742244ATQ IDT7422
Description Standalone IrDA Encoder & Decoder 8-TSSOP -40 to 85
4-Pin DIP Phototransistor Output Optocoupler; Package: DIP-B; No of Pins: 4; Container: Box
Dual Low-Power General-Purpose Operational Amplifier 8-SOIC 0 to 70 快速CMOS八路缓冲线路驱动
Adjustable Precision Shunt Regulator 8-SOIC 0 to 70 快速CMOS八路缓冲线路驱动
High-Performance Impact&lt;TM&gt; Programmable Array Logic Circuits 24-CDIP -55 to 125 快速CMOS八路缓冲线路驱动
Single 2A High-Speed, Low-Side Gate Driver; Package: MLP; No of Pins: 6; Container: Tape &amp; Reel 快速CMOS八路缓冲线路驱动
128 x 64 pixel format, LED Backlight available 快速CMOS八路缓冲线路驱动
Replaced by SN74ABT2244A : Octal Buffers And Line/MOS Drivers With 3-State Outputs 20-TSSOP -40 to 85 快速CMOS八路缓冲线路驱动
Single Output LDO, 620mA, Fixed(2.85V), SCSI Active Termination, Thermal Overload Protection 20-TSSOP 0 to 125 快速CMOS八路缓冲线路驱动
0.5A Adjustable Low Dropout Linear Regulator; Package: SOT-223; No of Pins: 4; Container: Tape &amp; Reel
Fast smos octal buffer/line driver

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For 2540TL Found Datasheets File :: 1+       Page :: | <1> |   

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